Supercor . Schedules, Shopping, and Working in Supercor

In Saborgourmet we have already spoken above of how to buy and all the information in centers of power such as Mercadona or Hipercor, and he has touched the turn now to Supercor and that will give you all the information about Timetables, Online Shopping and Work at Supercor.

Supercor . Schedules, Shopping, and Working in Supercor

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Supercor | Schedules

Supercor, in the same way that Hipercor, belongs to the business group of The English Court so that their management is very similar in all these centers.

Your schedule is Monday to Friday but may vary depending on holidays, or vacation. Usually the centers Supercor from all over Spain have these types of hours

  • From Monday to Saturday. From 09:30 to 21:30
  • From Monday to Saturday. From 07:00 to 01:00 (in the morning)
  • From Monday to Saturday. From 08:00 to 02.00 (am)

These schedules are given in an uninterrupted manner, so that do not close or at noon. If you want to know at particular hours of a particular centre, I recommend that you log on to the web Supercor where you'll find a map on which to locate the store closest to your house and in this way find out your schedule.


Supercor Online Purchase

If you want you can buy from home. The online shopping in Supercor was not established as such , and in fact, I would say that if you go on the web you will see that it is impossible to find a link that will take you into order to purchase any of their products online as these establishments born under the protection of The Corte ingles or Hipercor, were created to serve primarily the people that have work schedules very long and they like to be able to go to buy before going to work (hence they open at 07:00 in the morning) or after (and that's why they close so late).

Anyway if you want to buy products Supercor online, I recommend you go on the website of the supermarket of El corte Inglés, which in the final analysis have the same products and brands, as Supercor.

Work in Supercor

To be able to work in Supercor, it is fair to say that you can go to The English Court and deliver your curriculum leaving specified that you wish to be able to work in the centres, Supercor, or you can join web pages like where tend to appear all of the deals available Supercor for all their jobs.