Strawberries with chocolate


A sweet dessert, an explosion of flavor in the mouth, a caress to the heart... Strawberries with chocolate-Sheer delight! We will tell you how to prepare them quickly and perfect.

The recipe today is as simple as suggestive, the combination of chocolate and strawberries has always been one of the great temptations of romanticism, but, with a partner or without it, I know romantic with yourself and enjoy this delicacy because it is.... I don't have words!

For today's recipe we used the Lindt chocolate with a touch of salt that we have been sent from
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The combination of the chocolate with a touch of salt and the sweetness of the strawberries has been an extra point! But, if you do not have at home, a chocolate dessert, or the more you like it, is perfect.

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  • 100 grams of chocolate
  • 6 strawberries


The first thing we do is prepare the strawberries, that is to say, we're going to wash them but not remove the green leaves. Leave to dry and prepare the chocolate.

To melt the chocolate you have chosen mary to the bathroom or a few moments in the microwave, it is important that it be well fluid. When you have, grab the strawberry by the part of the leaves, and pour on the chocolate.

Placed, one at a time, on a sheet of greaseproof paper or baking paper. You can let them cool to room temperature or 5 minutes in the fridge, it also depends on the effect you want to give to the strawberries.

If you are in a fridge tends to get the chocolate more crisp so it sounds like that is a hottie but with a texture of sweet, fresh and delicious on the inside with strawberry flavor. At room temperature, it is still an awesome feeling as well that either of the two is perfect.

You can also decorate them with white chocolate to make contrast with a few simple lines or do some specific reason.

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