∅Contest! A lot of products it can be yours

I love being able to do contests with you, and that you can buy a large lot of products to make authentic delicacies in the kitchen. The contest is very simple and the prize is truly juicy so do not miss your chance to become a winner.


If you need motivation to participate in the contest we will start with the awards, there are two stages so there are different prizes:

For the person who leave the comment with the best meatloaf recipe Mad (I I detail below) may be a gift pack with the Roll Crazy and a few samples of The Herd.

The person that wins this phase, it will be with me to a competition between different blogs with your recipe I will give you life in the blog and if we win, each will get a batch with these products:

  • 1 Cola Cao Original 400g
  • 1 Cola Cao Turbo 375g
  • 1 Cola Cao 0% 300g
  • 1 Cola Cao complet 360g
  • 1 Cola Cao Nuggets 360g
  • 1 Pack About Paladin x 5uds
  • 1 Jar of Honey Honeycomb 425g
  • 1 Nutella Desserts
  • 1 Case Graneras chocolate
  • 1 Oceanix
  • 1 Flakes Cachobarra
  • 1 Sticks duo of Nutella
  • 1 Pack 3 Cola Cao Energy 200g
  • 1 Pack Phoskitos original x 4uds
  • 2 Bocadelia 180g
  • 1 Pate Only Natural
  • 1 Jar glass pate Herd
  • 1 Package teas The farm, san Francisco.

How can it be achieved?

This giveaway comes sponsored by The Herd to publicize your Roll Crazy with which you can make sandwiches in the shape of a wrap/roll, the truth is that I find it a sensational way for the kids to eat everything but thinking beyond, an easy way to get canapés and starters very showy without any kind of difficulty.

The dynamics of the contest is pretty simple:

  • Over 18 years of age and residents in Spain,
  • Leave me a comment on this article with the recipe that would you do with the Roll, and Crazy, and one of the varieties of pate of The Herd(list of ingredients, process of preparation, degree of difficulty and preparation time).
  • Before 16 June to 12 hours

Among all the comments we send, we will choose three recipe finalists and post them in an article so that the rest of the readers can vote through a poll, so you will also be jury.

Once you know the winning recipe I will publish an article for that ye may know, and, both the winner and me, we'll introduce you to a blogging contest. If we win we will win the super batch that I've told you in prizes.

Legal Bases of the contest: The Herd

Dear Foodies we are Going to try together!